The War On Talent Is Picking Up

02/08/2019 by Mike McKee, John Burke

As the economy continues to improve the demand for experienced/capable employees is growing and organizations that have an effective focused strategy on the talent agenda will lead in their markets.

Those that continue to approach the talent agenda with yesterday’s process will suffer! Employees today are smarter and more focused on their needs than ever before.

Individuals are going to seek out companies that have a clear vision on where they are going and provide opportunities that allow their employees to make meaningful contributions and be valued. We are constantly surprised about how some companies and managers still don’t get it! The basic human needs that we all have apply to the workplace as in all areas of our lives. People at all levels want to do successful work, they want opportunities to grow in the organization and their profession, they must have effective and ongoing communication, they need recognition and reward, they require work life balance in a safe and positive
environment. These five areas we will refer to as C-5 (Crucial 5)!

This time of year is budget time for most organizations. So let’s focus on the Talent Budget and its impact on the company’s success in 2018. If you think we are just referring to compensation and benefit costs, please hire yourself a coach!

Let’s put some percentages on Talent Success in all of the Crucial 5 areas:

Successful Work 20%
Opportunities To Grow 20%
Effective Communication 20%
Recognized and Valued 20%
Work Life Balance in a Positive Environment 20%

If the organization does well in all C-5 areas they will enjoy a 100% return on their talent investment. Audit where your organization is at in all C-5 areas. DOES IT ADD UP TO 100%? If we are stakeholders in this company, this is the return we want to see and expect to see. The Board of Directors and the C–Suite have the responsibility to make this happen.

Companies better be sure they have a progressive and effective leader of Human Resources. The Chief Human Resources Officer must have a seat at the table and be a part of the companies strategy and governance.

We are all focused on success and growing earnings for our stakeholders and employees. Achieving success year after year is only achieved because we deploy and sustain great talent!