Avoiding Unnecessary Risk During Terminations

02/20/2018 by Paula Hastreiter

Being released from employment is a life changing event. At McKee-Burke, we know that having a Career Consultant onsite at the time of notifying an employee is vital.

Companies do not make the layoff decision lightly. They always want to do the best job when they have to separate an employee due to reduction in force or performance and make this transition as smooth as possible. Therefore, to have a Career Consultant onsite at the time of notification is essential.

Both the employer and employees greatly benefit from having a Career Consultant onsite to provide support the day of notification, at no cost to the client company.

Employer Benefits Are:

  • Significantly reduces or eliminates post termination litigation.
  • Assist human resources and managers in maintaining the flow of activities by training the manager beforehand and coordinating the action on the day of notification.
  • Employer shares the importance of career transition with their employees.
  • Remaining employees can see the level of concern the organization has for their colleagues through their commitment to assisting departing employees in their transition.
  • Provides significant positive effects company wide by demonstrating that the organization has treated all exiting employees with respect and provided them immediate onsite support.
  • Reduces considerable stress on managers who have to notify their employees of the loss of their job.

Employee Benefits Are:

  • Provides an outside, calming factor whose main concern is assisting them with the transition, allowing them to vent, express concerns, and address fears with an impartial, unbiased party.
  • Career Consultant assists the employee with how to tell significant people in their lives what has transpired using logic and facts.
  • Gives transitioning employees guidance and hope for the future with immediate, proactive next steps to move them forward, instead of staying or dwelling on the loss of their job.
  • Aids in decreasing anxiety around the loss of their job by showing them they have a partner to help them through the entire career transition process.
  • Career Consultant provides an overview of all the support, materials, and databases the employee will have access to once they begin their outplacement services.

The next time your company is going to release an employee, let me encourage you to allow one of our Career Consultants assist in helping you and the employee. Give us the opportunity to be onsite, so you can see firsthand how valuable and smooth this process will be for your company and employee, at no cost to the company during the notification process. We have offices throughout the world and look forward to partnering with you on your next notification.